No cookie cutter trainings here!  Lets work together to customize these topics to fit your organizational needs. 

I lead trainings to educate, inspire, build, and foster well-being! I create and facilitate specialized trainings because I know that healthy, less stressed, engaged people enjoy their jobs more, report less stress, and report overall better job satisfaction.

Why I do it? So you and your group will succeed!

Motivation and Performance –

Is your group experiencing issues with their motivation and performance due to the negative thought process? Maybe there is a disconnect between management team and the team.


The science (aka your brain) behind motivation and performance.

How you and your group can achieve by addressing negativity.

How to increase motivation by looking at internal and external factors.

How to create a positive mindset to achieve your goals.

How to set a custom roadmap for success.

“I didn’t understand the level of disconnect between my sales team and management until Kitty came in.  I didn’t understand how that disconnect was really impacting the motivation and performance of my team.”

Emotional Intelligence –

Emotions, we have them so let’s learn how to use them for our benefit.  Healthy leaders understand how Emotional Intelligence is necessary for success. 


The science behind Emotional Intelligence.

The four E.I. competencies.

Create a custom roadmap for success.

As a leader, learn how to motivate and inspire using your Emotional Intelligence.  This training is great coupled with Motivation and Performance.

“So Kitty, what you are really saying is that I can have control over my emotions and I can’t control others!  Ok, now I am on to something!  I can let it go…” Anonymous

Stress Management –

Are you and your group feeling the negative impacts of stress? Let’s work together to come up with solutions to help with stress management.


The science behind stress.

How stress impacts performance

Work life balance and how to create a plan.

“No one will know I’m destressing right in front of them…  Use your breath.” Anonymous

Conflict Management Skills –

Conflict within any group setting can be tough! Learn how to communicate more effectively through the lens of emotional intelligence.


It’s about science, your brain.

How effective postmortem of conflict helps with understanding how to deal with conflict.

Use your Emotional Intelligence to effectively solve conflicts.

“I’m uncomfortable with conflict but now I see how my brain might have been tricking me…” Anonymous

Compassion Fatigue and Burn-out Preventions Workshop –

This workshop is for your organization to help your team combat compassion fatigue and burnout.

What is Compassion Fatigue

Measuring Your Compassion Fatigue

Inventions and Prevention

Work Life Balance

Resiliency Building Skills

Experiential Meditation Practice

Saying no to an already delicate population is hard… now I feel a sense of relief understanding that my internalizing their pain was what was causing my low mood.  Thanks for the tree meditation.”  Anonymous