“freedom from panic”

My client’s tale of “freedom from panic


An estimated 2.4 million American suffer from panic disorder.

Panic shows up differently for a lot of people.  It’s a different animal than anxiety.  Some people use the terms interchangeably but the inner workings of each are very different.  The one noticeable similarity is… both have the ability to inhibit your performance and life.

So let’s nail down a couple of brief descriptions of each.

Anxiety is related to a triggering event or a perceived threat.  The triggering event causes worry.  For example, people are being laid off from your company and you begin to wonder if your job is safe.  This event causes the worry that if not kept in check will cause anxiety.  The anxiety can linger for a brief period of time or maybe last for a few hours, a few days or even weeks.  It depends on the person, the event, and the coping skills of the person.  Anxiety is an alert system that something is on-going. Some symptoms of anxiety are fear, shortness of breath, fatigue, confusion and brain fog.  These symptoms last longer than the symptoms of a panic attack.

Panic is different.  Panic attacks can come on with no triggering event, rhyme or reason.  Panic is short and intense! It can peak and then subside.  There are risk factors for panic attacks rather than triggering events.  Panic can make you feel detached and in some situations make the person feel like they are about to die.  Additionally, panic can make a person feel out of control and crazy.  Risk factors for a panic disorder can range from on-going stressors to other medical and mental health diagnoses.   

Additionally, panic attacks start to become habitual/conditioned, in that we start to fear that we will have panic attacks in every situation, whereas with anxiety, that ominous fear is not there.

And now… my client’s tale of “freedom from panic.

What results were you looking for when you began the integrative coaching program?

I wanted to overcome performance anxiety so I could effectively and confidently perform on the piano or vocally in front of audiences without panicking.  My last performance was at a friend’s wedding in June 2014.  I did it but it was horrifying.  

What are some of the results you began to notice as you progressed through the coaching program?

I started to see mindset changes.  I went from, I’m going to freeze up, throw up and die to the thought- I can make room for the possibility that I may feel a little nauseous but I will be confident and perform at my peak level.  I was able to accept those two opposite thoughts at the same time and still perform.

Before coaching, when I would sit at my piano or sing, a wave of panic would make me feel like I was choking or having a heart attack.  I felt trapped by my own body.  I couldn’t play or sing.  With coaching and practicing your techniques, I learned how to use my body’s own natural energy to tap into and balance my mind and body so I could sit at the piano calmly and sing without feeling like I was going to pass out or die.  I could feel waves of positive energy.  I felt calm.

I felt like my coaching experience released me from a lifetime of bondage and fear and that was a miracle.  I wish everyone could experience integrative performance coaching.

How about now?  What are some of the things you do now because of our coaching together?

I still use the coaching exercises on a daily basis to strengthen my body’s ability to connect with my mind so I can perform and compete with peace and relaxation.

My world has expanded from a tiny microcosm that I was trapped in.  I can now go out in public to stores to buy my groceries.  I go to events and eat out at restaurants (except now due to pandemic and restrictions).  I can be around my friends.  I go to the gym regularly even during the pandemic.  I sleep more consistently.  Most importantly, I’ve learned to calm myself without the use of medication.  I’ve reduced it (medication) because I just don’t need it.  I feel liberated from all the medications for anxiety and panic.

I feel like I’m becoming what I want to be. ~ Ellie, Denver CO


This is just one story about how my Integrative Performance Coaching program has changed a life.

If you have questions please reach out.  I’ve got you in the journey!


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