Coaching Options with Kitty Davidson, MA

Your current successes are unique and foundational to your new coaching path. Your coaching path will be as unique and transformational.

As an integrative and clinically informed coach, I am able to pull out all the stops that might be blocking you from success.

What does that mean exactly?

As an integrative coach, I blend Eastern and Western philosophy and teachings into the personal and professional growth process. I believe with a mix of both you can achieve your fullest potential. With a clinically informed perspective, you will be able to move away from blocks and learn how your brain can sometimes be holding you back.

A few examples of this might be…

  • Identifying your negative blocks and how to get past those. That’s the clinically informed place.
  • Identifying how to harness the power of your mind to change your brain to achieve success. That’s the neuroscience and integrative approach.
  • Identifying how to create goals from a place of clarity and intention. That’s part of the integrative approach.


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Coaching Options:

Monthly Coaching Option

STOP RUT JUMPING means, together we will look at the “things” you have done to move forward, but you still fill stuck. You’re in the rut!

In this month-long program, you will:

  • You will schedule two 60 minute sessions and two 30 minute sessions.There will be a lot of accountability work in these sessions.
  • Do the “postmortem” work. What went well what went wrong.
  • Learn how your mind and brain work together to either sabotage or achieve your goals.
  • Learn how your mind and brain work together for motivation and performance.
  • Homework to install and achieve your latest goal.
  • And more!



Performance Coaching Program

A 12 week intensive coaching program.

This program is for anyone who finds themselves stuck in achieving and performing.This program is great for athletes, musicians, public speakers, sales, and anyone who wants to figure out why they are struggling in the area of performance and life in general.I have the integrative tools to help you uncover your greatest performance and goals!

This is truly a unique and integrative program.

  • Get your motivation back!  Learn the neuroscience behind motivation and performance.
  • Harness the power of your brain to create and experience a future performance.
  • Uncover limiting beliefs that lead to performance anxiety.
  • Learn how to harness both your brain and your body’s natural energy to achieve and perform.
  • Plus more.



Achieve Your Full Potential Through Neuroscience and Energy!

An Immersive 6 to 12 month Coaching Experience

You’ve tried all the “things”.  You’ve put those “things” into action but you’re still wanting more?
Have tried all the “things” and those things did not work?  Are jumping from one wellness rut to another!  Let’s just stop and jump into your FULL POTENTIAL! This is an intensive Integrative Health and Wellness Program were you will get results.  This program is based in my knowledge and experience of psychotherapy, coaching, neuroscience, energy, wellness practices, meditation, and more!
You will get a well rounded intensive program!

  • Assessments!  Mindfulness, Anxiety, Core Beliefs and more!
  • Handouts and Homework!  You learn and change by integration!
  • Better brain health through neuroscience!  Learn how changing your mind changes you BRAIN and more!
  • You will feel better!  Learn integrative wellness practices for physical and emotional health!  This is more than personal growth and development.
  • And MORE!Together we will work together to create an individualized intensive coaching program using all of my tools!



“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

~ Bruce Lee

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