“freedom from panic”

My client’s tale of “freedom from panic”   An estimated 2.4 million American suffer from panic disorder. Panic shows up differently for a lot of people.  It’s a different animal than anxiety.  Some people use the terms interchangeably but the inner workings of each are very different.  The one noticeable similarity is… both have the ability to inhibit your performance...[ read more ]

Left Brain Narrator

Your Left Brain Narrator! Have you noticed that sometimes you are creating a story before the actual story unfolds?  Not only that, the story that you are creating doesn’t even make sense or have a modicum of truth.  Do you know where in your brain that comes from?  Let’s dial it in! These stories come from what I like to...[ read more ]

Towards Forgiveness

“Forgiveness, is more than just saying sorry.” Samatha James ~ Just Friends Perfect, now that song is in your head too.  Bahahahahaha! It’s true.  Forgiveness is more than sorry.  Forgiveness has an energy that can set you free and by the way it isn’t about giving the other person a card for bad behavior.  Additionally, forgiveness is for you and...[ read more ]

Conditioned Self vs Authentic Self What is the conditioned self and the authentic self.  Are we supposed to have both?  Both are definitely there and we need to be aware of when we are shifting into our conditioned self.  The Conditioned self come from old tapes or negative energy that we may have not processed through and moved on from. ...[ read more ]

Who is Amy-G-Dala?

Who is Amy-G-Dala?   I would like to introduce you to my friend Amy… Amy-G-Dala.  Yes, my friends that is how I learned to spell this amazing little structure in our Limbic System called the Amygdala.  Additionally, when she gets hijacked there could be trouble. The amygdala is a small almond structure in the middle of your brain.  AmyG is...[ read more ]

Beliefs and Confrontation

Communicating Your Beliefs Without Confrontation Through my many instances of teaching, public speaking, therapizing, and coaching; communicating beliefs with others can be sticky and downright confrontational at times.  I’ve witnessed it and I’ve had to say more than once “hold the phone people”. What is a belief system and why do people get caught in difficult situations trying to communicate...[ read more ]

Can you overshare goals?

Is it a bad thing to overshare your goals?  Is it possible to overshare goals and is it detrimental to journey? That's a great question.  Are there downsides to oversharing your goals?  I was listening to a Podcast with Jordan Harbinger and he posed some excellent points regarding goals.  I am going to share his article in the link below. ...[ read more ]

Mantras! What is it?

Hello Friends! I want to bring into your awareness some information about mantras.  Do you use a mantra when you meditate?  Do you use a mantra throughout the day to help self-soothe?  When the Sanskrit word mantra is translated, it means tool for the mind.  Let’s look at the neuroscience behind why using a mantra or the tool for the...[ read more ]

Coherence and HRV

Coherence!  It’s amazing to see it in action.  Coherence is the process of your heart, mind, and emotions working together smoothly to create an overall physical state of ease.  There are so many positive health and wellness benefits to learning how you can bring your mind, heart and emotions into coherence.  Ask me and I can tell you about them....[ read more ]

Who is this Kitty?

Someone asked me the other day, "so Kitty, what makes you different from other professionals and why should I choose to work with you?”  I could just say something  like “I like working with people and enjoy helping individuals work through their process” but that isn’t enough and honestly that just doesn’t fit my personality.  (footnote:  I am a little...[ read more ]

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